Cooling for All: The role of cold chain in delivering a COVID-19 vaccine

Cold chains are likely to play a significant role in the delivery of a COVID-19 vaccine. To reach herd immunity (defined as the indirect protection of […]

EPEE Ecodesign Lessons Learned

EPEE, representing the refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump industry in Europe, supports the principle of setting Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and Energy Labels, regulated […]

Standards and Labeling Policy for Deep Freezers in India

Deep freezers are a popular refrigeration equipment for freezing and preserving content at a temperature equal to or below – 18°C, using a liquid refrigerant to […]

Nordic criteria for Green Public Procurement (GPP) for alternatives to high GWP HFCs in RAC products

The project developed Green Public Procurement (GPP) criteria for environmentally friendly alternatives in the Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (RAC) sector. The problem with sector in the […]

Enhancing voluntary cooperation on cooling in the G20

The brief calls for enhanced cooperation on cooling at the G20 level, in order to broaden membership, increase resourcing and commitment, and to better coordinate and […]

Compendium to the Primer for Space Cooling

This is a compendium to the Primer for Space Cooling. For those interested in learning more about the interventions that could accelerate the pace of sustainable […]

Net zero cold chains for food

This report summarises the case for philanthropic intervention and provides guidance on the practical actions that can be taken to address climate change, food security and […]

Cooling for All’ Needs Assessment – Country-scale Cooling Action Plan Methodology

This is the first-of-a-kind methidology and comprehensive data collection instrument to enable countries to better understand cooling access and how to meet it sustainably, underpinning the […]

Primer for Space Cooling

The objectives of the Primer are to introduce a broad audience, including practitioners in different fields, to the broad topic of space cooling and its key […]