10 January 2024
Consultation Workshop Solution for Sustainable Urban Cooling in Tam Ky, Quang Nam province

Date: 16 January 2024                                    Time: 08.00 – 16.00 (GMT: +07:00)                                        Event Language: English

Format: In-person                                             Location: Muong Thanh Grand Quang Nam Hotel, 351A Hung Vuong, Tam Ky, Quang Nam

Organized by: United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP-led Cool Coalition , Clean Cooling Collaborative, DCC, GGGI



Viet Nam’s rapid urbanization and accompanying fast-paced real estate sector is driving growth in cooling demand and associated emissions. At the same time, heat is now a critical public health issue for many of Viet Nam’s cities and this will worsen with rising temperatures due to climate change. Cities can take comprehensive action through urban planning, enforcement of building standards, raising awareness to citizens, attracting finance, demonstrating sustainable approaches and effectively planning for UHIE & increasing cooling demand.

Cooling in Tam Ky, Quang Nam province is also a challenge due to the hot and humid climate of the central region of Vietnam. Tam Ky is the capital city of Quang Nam province, with a population of about 150,000 people. The average temperature in Tam Ky is 26.9°C, with highs reaching up to 38°C in the dry season. The relative humidity is also high, ranging from 66% to 88% throughout the year.

To cope with the heat, many people in Tam Ky use air conditioning, fans, or natural ventilation in their homes and workplaces. However, air conditioning is expensive and consumes a lot of energy, which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. Fans are cheaper and more energy-efficient, but they only provide a cooling effect by moving the air, not lowering the temperature. Natural ventilation relies on the design and orientation of the buildings, as well as the availability of shade and greenery, to create a comfortable indoor environment.

DCC & Quang Nam DONRE in partnership with UNEP & GGGI, under the framework of Cool Coalition implementing a project with aim to support Tam Ky, Quang Nam:

· To adopt Urban Cooling Action Plans (UCAPs), that integrate action on cooling and extreme heat into a range of municipal plans and masterplans. Interventions will include trainings & capacity building of cities to take action towards improved urban design, nature-based solutions, passive cooling measures, municipal incentives, district cooling and public procurement.

· Support in mobilizing finance to implement urban cooling demonstrations in pilot cities, project will explore in integrating urban cooling under the existing Environmental Protection Fund

· In Parallel, the project has also been supporting to integrating cooling into city level policy framework including masterplans and climate change adaptation & mitigation planning.

Recently, Viet Nam has updated its NDC and prepared its National Strategy on Climate Change 2050 which will then trigger revised/new Climate Action Plans at provincial and municipal level. Government of Vietnam has prioritized cooling as one of the key strategies to achieve Net-zero under the NCCS and integrated cooling into updated NDCs.

The project aims to support Tam Ky tackle its rapidly increasing cooling demand, protect populations from extreme heat, and implement NDCs targets through a comprehensive and integrated approach to urban cooling in line with the Net-zero commitments, Kigali Amendment and the SDGs.



  • DCC & Quang Nam DONRE in partnership with UNEP, GGGI will conduct the consultation workshop on sustainable urban cooling with the aim to collect feedbacks from participants in Tam Ky city on the list of potential projects and initial results of the UCAP in order to ensure that the recommendations are appropriate and feasible for Tam Ky, Quang Nam province.
  • Collection of feedback on the list of potential projects and initial results on UCAP (policy, modelling and policy);
  • Discussion and exchange on the mechanism for mobilizing financial resources for sustainable urban cooling.


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