15 June 2020
Happening today: For a resilient recovery in cities, rethinking urban cooling after COVID-19

The Cool Coalition, together with UNEP and the District Energy in Cities Initiative, has organised a virtual event for the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit on urban cooling post-COVID.

The cooling sector has a vital behind-the-scenes role in the fight against COVID-19 and the rebuilding of a more sustainable future after the pandemic. The cooling industry provides everything from the right temperature conditions for patients and care givers in hospitals, to safe transport and storage of vaccines and food, to protection against extreme heat for those trapped indoors in hot countries.

In a warming world, where a majority of population is concentrated in urban areas and where emissions from cooling are expected to double by 2030, cities are key to implementing sustainable cooling solutions that improve the quality of life of their citizens, enhance resilience by improving access to reliable cooling services and mitigate climate change.

From district cooling system, nature-based solutions such as green roofs, to traditional techniques and modernized forms of building architecture, a range of solutions exist to take on the cooling the challenge and allow for buildings and inhabitants of a city to “keep cool, naturally”.

This session will address how we can build back better by rethinking urban cooling and increasing the role of nature for healthier and resilient cities. The sessions will highlight how businesses are taking bold actions to reduce cooling needs as well as shift cooling practices to more sustainable models.

The event will be moderated by  Lily Riahi, Coordinator Cool Coalition, United Nations Environment Programme. After opening remarks by Jessica Brown, Executive Director, Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program, there will be a panel discussion with exciting speakers.

Tune in today 11pm New York City Time / 10 am 16th of June Bangkok time to join the conversation.


The UN Global Compact #LeadersSummit is going virtual to engage stakeholders from all over the world. Register to explore how we can recover better, recover stronger, recover together #UnitingBusiness

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