Cool Calculator to support net zero planning (to be launched in April 2021)


The Climate Action Pathway for Net Zero Cooling laid out, for the first time, a vision for action to 2050. The associated Action Table has now detailed key milestones to deliver this vision. These documents describe an ambitious aggregated pathway to net zero emissions for cooling. In practice, there is no single pathway that covers every geography and sector but instead, there will be a collection of pathways to zero that are sensitive to specific conditions such as climate, infrastructure type and policy.

To help stakeholders plan their own scenario for a 2050 cooling sector, a “Cool Calculator” – an open source excel-based scenario planning tool – has been developed. The Cool Calculator will allow stakeholders to run simple but open calculations on key aspects of cooling decarbonisation, empowering them to identify a set of solutions that works best for particular regions and/or sectors.

This Cool Calculator is a scenario planning tool that complements existing techno-economic models that focus on specific aspects of the cooling sector. These sophisticated models have varying levels of transparency about their underlying assumptions, functionality and data sources. The Cool Calculator works alongside these models to help net zero cooling pathways to be based on transparent assumptions, quantitative evidence and recognisable & usable data.

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A beta-version of this tool will be available to download and use in early April. An updated version will be launched in late April taking into account early user feedback on the beta-version.

If you could like to use the beta-version of the tool and provide early feedback, please send an email to to register interest and we will be in touch once it is available.