29 June 2022
7th Annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency : Efficient Climate-Friendly Cooling – Addressing Energy and Food Security, Building Climate Resilient Communities

Date: Wednesday 08 June 2022, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm CEST                    Duration: 60 minutes

Location:Sønderborg, Denmark

Organized by: IEA, Cool Coalition


Session Description:

The latest IPCC reports are clear: climate change isn’t lurking around the corner, waiting to pounce. It’s already upon us, raining down blows on billions of people and further aggravated by a global energy and food security crisis that will hit the poorest and vulnerable the hardest. Against this backdrop, there is an urgent need to speed up green energy transition while building climate resilient societies.  

With rising temperatures, 2.3 billion people could be vulnerable to severe and life-threatening heat waves at 1.5°C of warming. At the same time, in some countries up to 70 % of food production is lost due to lack of cold chains. Each year, the lack of effective refrigeration directly results in the loss of 475 million tons, or 13% of total food production, enough to feed about 950 million people. 

Smallholder farmers and urban poor are hit hardest by this climate injustice, but efficient climate–friendly cooling can address it and accelerate sustainable development. Efficient, climate-friendly cold chains can lift millions out of hunger and poverty, and help meet the challenge of feeding an additional 2 billion people by 2050. Efficient, climate-friendly cooling provides huge opportunities to address the global energy crisis by reducing energy consumption and GHG emissions related to rising cooling-demands.  

Today, an estimated 3.6 billion cooling appliances are in use worldwide. By 2050, if cooling is provided to everybody who needs it and not just to those who can afford it, this would require as many as 14 billion cooling appliances. Meeting future cooling needs sustainably could cut 8 years’ worth of global emissions and reduce the costs of the renewable energy build out by $3.5tn by 2030.  

Half-measures won’t halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, which is what we need to take ambitious action now, while addressing the energy and food security crisis. We need to act on cooling now, and we need to go all in with a cross sector and multi stakeholder approach.  


Objectives of the session: 

This session will demonstrate how efficient, climate friendly cooling as a multi-purpose tool can simultaneously contribute to just and sustainable energy transition, strengthen resilient communities and food security, while driving down rising emissions. It will showcase examples of integrated, comprehensive approaches by countries and launch new collaborative endeavors to accelerate action. 



  • Christine Egan, Chief Executive Officer, CLASP
  • Omnia El-Omrani, UN Youth Representative, Egypt
  • Ilham A Habibie, Chairman, PT. Iithabi Rekatama
  • Hakan Hamdi Bulgurlu, CEO, Arçelik, Cool Coalition Champion
  • Jürgen Fischer, President, Danfoss Climate Solutions
  • H.E. Mr. Pharidh Kan, Ambassador, The Royal Embassy of Cambodia in Denmark
  • Jeppe Kofod, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Denmark, Cool Coalition Champion
  • Noah Horowitz, Executive Director, Clean Cooling Collaborative



We Will: Efficient, Climate-Friendly Cooling for All
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