The Cool Coalition already has more than 120 partners driving change in the cooling sector and is organised around five stakeholder clusters which include national governments and intergovernmental initiatives, cities, businesses, finance, and civil society. To join, stakeholders are requested to sign the Cool Coalition endorsement form indicating in which cluster they would like to participate. In addition, new members are requested to indicate which actions they will take to advance the goals of the Cool Coalition, with the aim of demonstrating action in line with their commitment in first year of joining.

To download:

• Guidance Note and Endorsement Form for Governments, click here.

• Guidance Note and Endorsement Form for Cities, click here.

• Guidance Note and Endorsement Form for Businesses, click here.

• Guidance Note and Endorsement Form for Civil Society Groups, click here.

• Guidance Note and Endorsement Form for Development Financial Institutions, click here.


Cool Coalition members can contribute with:

Advocacy and Awareness-Raising

  • Use their reach, visibility, and credibility with peers to help the Cool Coalition raise its profile and be a catalyst for action on efficient and climate friendly cooling at high level political fora.

Information and Knowledge Sharing

  • Provide market data, information, technical expertise on efficient, climate friendly cooling to participate in the issue papers and reports such as the Cooling Global Status Report.


  • Combine expertise/capacities with their peers in new ways to develop, test or share new products, technologies, services and approaches by exchange in the clusters.

Implementation and Technology Transfer

  • Use their core business competencies to deliver training, projects and programs at the local, national, and regional levels.

Policy and Standard Setting

  • Contribute to setting the policy agenda and developing and implementing best practice policies and standards that are commensurate with the cooling challenge and foster private sector investment and delivery.

Finance and Investment

  • Develop financial mechanisms and offer funding sources in support of efficient, climate friendly cooling.