Context: There is a critical window of opportunity and an urgency to act on sustainable cooling in 2021. Multilateral Development Banks have an important role to play in supporting countries in delivering this transformational action.

Given this window of opportunity, a strong interest for technical discussions between MDBs and relevant stakeholders, and the view that there is opportunity to enhance cooling’s visibility leading into COP26 and beyond, E3G has established an informal dialogue within the Cool Coalition to support a continued exchange among MDBs and other relevant stakeholders.

In the first instance, an informal dialogue among MDBs will be convened by E3G on the topic of “A Whole Systems Approach to Sustainable Cooling”. As no such informal or formal dialogue currently exists between MDBs specifically on the issue of sustainable cooling, a key short-term outcome is knowledge exchange and an enhanced strategic understanding of cooling between MDB stakeholders. Building on this, the project will kick off an improved recognition of cooling concerns in MDB’s strategies and operations.

Download the informal dialogue concept note here.

Objectives: Launch and sustain a constructive dialogue between MDBs on the integration of sustainable cooling considerations in their portfolio analysis and activities. Enhance trilateral (industry, MDB, civil society) understanding of cooling needs for MDBs and cooling stakeholders. Build the case for sustainable cooling mainstreaming among MDBs


Sindra Sharma-Khushal, Policy Advisor – E3G,

Dileimy Orozco, Senior Policy Advisor – E3G, 

Larissa Gross, Research Manager – E3G,

Mark Lister, Advisor, Cool Coalition,