Context: The private sector is a key stakeholder in driving innovation and adoption of efficient and climate friendly cooling technologies and solutions across space cooling, district cooling, cold chain and medical supply sectors. There are currently more than 20 active members of the Cool Coalition business cluster with global representation from industry, institutions and organizations. Two ad hoc activities were initiated by the business cluster in the past year including the development of Corporate Refrigerant Transition Plans and leveraging the EP100 Cooling Challenge tools to improve efficient and climate friendly cooling in supplier and customer facilities. In addition to coordinating engagement with other working group activities, the private-sector working group highlights cooling industry leadership through public commitments and action as well as outreach and advocacy through communications campaigns targeting a range of public and government stakeholders.

Objective: Contribute to global cooling ambition and action through collaboration, commitment and communication of efficient and climate friendly cooling solutions on a global basis by:

– Coordinating private-sector engagement with other Cool Coalition working groups, providing input and in-kind support for working group activities and review of draft deliverables

– Recognizing cooling industry leadership through corporate and association commitments, collective action and stakeholder collaboration

– Communicating the benefits and impact of innovative, efficient and climate friendly cooling solutions through collaboration with local and national stakeholders.


– Leads: Clay Nesler (JCI), Andrea Voigt (EPEE), Jonas Hamann (Danfoss)

– Facilitator: Celia Martinez, Cool Coalition Secretariat, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP),

Download the working group’s concept note here.