27 October 2023
Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2023 (APCW) – Affiliated Event – Towards a Cool COP28: Sustainable Cooling Solutions in Asia-Pacific

Date: 14 November 2023                                Time: 09:30-10:30 am (GMT+8)                              Event Language: English

Format: In-person                                             Location: Kuala Danga 208, Persada Johor International Convention Centre

Organized by: COP28 UAE Presidency, United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP-led Cool Coalition, United for Efficiency, Climate Champions Team



The Asia-Pacific region has faced record sweltering temperatures this year with heatwaves regularly making headlines. The demand for cooling is increasing rapidly as the world warms from climate change and incomes rise and by 2040, cooling could be responsible for as much as 30% of the region’s peak electricity demand. Without strong policy action, emissions from the sector are expected to double by 2030 and triple by 2050 from 7% today.

Coordinated action is therefore needed to accelerate the transition towards sustainable cooling to reduce GHG emissions and increase access to cooling solutions for the 614.8 million people in the region who lack access. Against this backdrop and recognizing the adaptation and mitigation benefits of sustainable cooling, the COP28 Presidency of the United Arab Emirates is spearheading the Global Cooling Pledge with support from the UNEP-led Cool Coalition. Achieving the Global Cooling Pledge could double the climate benefits and mitigating 68% of cooling related GHG emissions – or 78 billion tonnes equivalent between 2022-2050. It will also improve access to cooling for resilience to rising heat, greater food security and local development.

This session seeks to highlight leadership from the region in innovative and sustainable cooling technologies, policies, and initiatives, as well as showcase regional commitments to the COP28 Global Cooling Pledge. It also aims to promote collaboration and knowledge exchange among stakeholders in the region. For example, the event will highlight the existing ASEAN Cool Initiative, aims to modernize, and enhance minimum energy performance standards in line with global best practices and the ASEAN Regional Roadmap by 2025.



  1. Promote Sustainable Cooling Awareness: Increase awareness of sustainable cooling’s significance in the Asia-Pacific’s climate efforts and its potential to contribute to regional sustainable development goals.
  2. Amplify the Global Cooling Pledge: Highlight regional champion countries and priority actions related to the Global Cooling Pledge. Provide a platform for Asia-Pacific nations to influence and encourage commitments essential for achieving sustainable cooling in the run up to COP28.
  3. Highlight Existing Collaborative Initiatives: Foster partnerships to drive sustainable cooling initiatives and investments across Asia-Pacific, such as the ASEAN Cool Initiative funded by the Clean Cooling Collaborative and implemented by UNEP’s United for Efficiency (U4E) and GIZ.
  4. Showcase Best Practices: Share policy frameworks, regulations, and financial mechanisms that can accelerate sustainable cooling technologies and their benefits. Present successful case studies and projects demonstrating effective, such as updating minimum energy performance standards.
  5. Capacity Building: Identify capacity-building needs and opportunities for training and skills development in the field of sustainable cooling within the Asia-Pacific region.
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