25 April 2020
Beijing 2022 highlight refrigeration systems among key sustainability initiatives

Beijing 2022 have published a video highlighting how their refrigeration systems aid sustainability initiatives to mark Earth Day.

By Michael Pavitt

Earth Day, which is held on April 22 each year, is aimed at demonstrating support for environmental protection. Beijing 2022 have vowed to host a green Winter Olympics in two years’ time.

Organisers announced last year that all venues for Beijing 2022 would be powered by green electricity, following the signing of an agreement between the Organising Committee and the State Grid Corporation of China. According to the International Olympic Committee, the clean energy programme will make Beijing 2022 the first Olympic event in history to power all its venues with green and renewable energies produced from clean sources.

The Beijing 2022 Earth Day video highlights how ice venues will be equipped with natural CO2 refrigeration systems, which they claim will minimise the overall carbon footprint of the Games. The cooling system, which it is claimed has no impact on the environment, will be used at the speed skating, figure skating and short track venues, as well as the ice hockey training centres.

A low global warming potential refrigerant will also be installed at the ice hockey and curling venues. The implementation of the system will mark the first time the technology is used in China and at the Olympics.



“Most refrigerants on the market contribute to the greenhouse effect and are detrimental to the ozone layer,” said Zhang Xinrong, chairman of Beijing Energy Society. “Carbon dioxide on the other hand is a natural and green refrigerant that is friendly to the environment.

“We have done a lot of work in theoretical analysis, digital simulation and experimental verification. Liquid carbon dioxide absorbs the heat as it evaporates, making refrigeration and ice making possible. When it releases heat, we can recycle the heat and use it once again for heating supply, dehumidification de-icing and other energy demands”.

It is claimed the process could lead to around a 60 per cent energy saving.

“Using carbon dioxide as a refrigerant for our ice rinks is sending a strong signal that China is committed to protecting planet earth, our shared home,” said Liu Yumin, director general of venue planning and construction department of Beijing 2022.

“We are doing our part in the endeavour.”


Source: https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1093543/beijing-2022-winter-sustainability

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