07 May 2021
Cool Coalition: Delivering on Climate, Energy and Food on the Pathway to COP26

The Permanent Missions to the UN of Denmark and Ethiopia and the UNEP-led Cool Coalition hosted a briefing on “Cool Coalition: Delivering on Climate, Energy and Food on the Pathway to COP26” on May 7, 2021. The aim of the briefing was to inform UN Permanent Representatives on the Cool Coalition’s progress since the Climate Action Summit, the sustainable cooling trend emerging in NDCs, and the Coalition’s and members’ plans for key international milestones coming in 2021.

This closed virtual meeting showcased how the Coalition can support national governments in raising climate ambition on the pathway to COP26 while contributing to other international agendas, including the Montreal Protocol and Agenda 2030, and how action on sustainable cooling can help deliver on areas as diverse as climate mitigation and adaptation, food loss reduction, ozone protection, energy transition, urban resilience and health. We hope that the exchange of insights, experience, and best practices will inspire more governments to take action on cooling on the pathway to COP26, and join the Cool Coalition.

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