04 March 2024
Exhibition Booth – Efficient Buildings as Key Players in the Energy System

Date: 7 & 8 March 2024                                 Time: All Day                             Event Language: English

Format: In-person                                           Location: Paris, France

Organized by:  UNEP Cool Coalition, Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific




As part of the Buildings and Climate Global Forum to be held on the 7-8th March, 2024 in Paris, France, UNEP is organising a 2-day exhibition to showcase its work on passive cooling and sustainable buildings and construction, through 2 booths, one from the Cool Coalition and the other from the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC).  

The Cool Coalition’s Passive Cooling Strategies exhibition booth aims to showcase the benefits of passive cooling design practices to improve thermal comfort in buildings with an Augmented Reality application.  

Participants who take part in the exhibition will have the possibility of visualising through a tablet or their phones a virtual building and select various profiles of different combinations of passive cooling measures and see the effects in its internal temperature.  

Awareness raising of passive cooling is needed due to the low penetration rate of the concept, even among design professionals. Participants who take part in the exhibition can use an augmented reality tool, through a table/their phones to visualise passive cooling strategies in their architectural form in three-dimensional space, alongside the thermal impacts on building surfaces and interiors is an effective means to communicate the complexity of passive cooling in an easy-to-understand manner. 

This Augmented reality tool can help accelerate the broader understanding of benefits of passive cooling strategies amongst the participants of the Buildings and Climate Global Forum. 

We Will: Efficient, Climate-Friendly Cooling for All
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