14 June 2020
Global cooling bodies unite in celebration of World Refrigeration Day on June 26

Unprecedented collaboration of UNEP, ASHRAE, IIR and EPEE behind promotion of Cold Chain 4 Life theme

Many of the world’s biggest cooling bodies have united behind the aims of World Refrigeration Day 2020 with an unprecedented collaborative approach to promoting the importance of the cold chain.

The World Refrigeration Day Secretariat has worked with ASHRAE, EPEE, the International Institute of Refrigeration and UNEP OzonAction, all Cool Coalition partners, to jointly campaign under the banner ColdChain4Life.

The bodies say they will work together to address the importance of the cold chain and its vital role for food safety and security as well as human health.

In a joint statement they said: “The theme chosen for World Refrigeration Day in 2020 celebrates the importance of the food cold chain in sustaining life. The cold chain links producers and growers across the world to the domestic refrigerator in our kitchens, and it is essential for so much more than food. Vaccines must remain chilled until they are used by medical professionals around the world, and the cold chain is essential for blood transfusions and organ donor transport and storage.”

According to the IIR, around 475 million tonnes of lost food could be saved every year which could feed 950 million people a year.

They added:  “We encourage the industry to use the opportunity of WRD to raise awareness and understanding of the significant role that the industry, its science and its technology play in modern life and society in a safe and responsible manner that is fully compliant with local restrictions and aligned to all safety measures.”


They have prepared a package of support materials and resources to be used by governments, associations, and companies in celebrating WRD 2020, with the emphasis on moving from a mainly physical event experience into a virtual and online event.

The partners have provided a selected list of ideas for governments, associations, NGOs, companies and individuals  to celebrate WRD 2020 under the theme of “Cold Chain 4 Life”. They said: “We welcome creative thinking and look forward to learning about the many ways you can promote our industry, its applications and careers.”

  1. CC4L printed posters at relevant shops, such as supermarkets
  2. Stickers or magnets for distribution at supermarket checkouts
  3. TV/Radio interviews with local experts and government officials
  4. CC4L press release, brochure and poster
  5. Virtual tours of cold chain industry facilities – led by local industry to show where and how the cold chain systems contribute to the final products consumers receive
  6. Online Competitions (for youth and/or public) which can include: Q&A type competitions, logo design, Radio/TV quizzes etc. Local associations/experts can help in preparing and local industry can sponsor
  7. Technical webinars to public and/or specialists that can be led by industry or technical associations


James Curlin, Acting Head of UNEP OzonAction said: “World Refrigeration Day is a great opportunity for all of us to celebrate the tremendous contribution that refrigeration and air conditioning makes to our societies. This includes enabling our agricultural and food systems to harvest, store, transport and sell the foods that nourish us all. The cold chain is what makes this possible. We encourage everyone to organize their own national or local World Refrigeration Day celebrations on 26 June to shine light on great work of the refrigeration and air conditioning sector, which is so vital for the success of the Montreal Protocol.”

Darryl K. Boyce, ASHRAE President, said, “We are proud to partner with other global organizations to support World Refrigeration Day in this its second year as we celebrate refrigeration’s vital role to the modern world.”

Andrea Voigt, EPEE Director General added: “Our sector is essential for our health, for our productivity, for our wellbeing. And it does not stop there. Cooling can play a major role to support the decarbonisation of our economy by ensuring energy savings and supporting the shift to renewable energies, for example, with solutions such as heat recovery, thermal storage and demand response.”

Didier Coulomb, Director General of IIR added: “Our food supply relies on a seamless ‘cold chain’ of refrigerated warehouses and vehicles that stretch from the farm or sea to the supermarket display cabinet. Reducing food losses is one of the most important challenges concerning food security in the future as well as reducing global warming, Building good cold chains worldwide is the best answer.”


Among activities planned by the organizers are a free webinar on 26 June presenting an opportunity to reach out to the public, government, and end users describing the value of the cold chain.

To date, more than 300 companies and professional, scientific, and trade associations are supporters, and the number is growing. To be involved or share ideas for initiatives visit www.worldrefrigerationday.org. Connect with the cold chain campaign at #COLDCHAIN4LIFE and with World Refrigeration Day at #WREFD20.


Source (adjusted): https://www.racplus.com/news/global-cooling-bodies-unite-in-celebration-of-world-refrigeration-day-on-june-26-11-06-2020/

Cover picture: https://worldrefrigerationday.org/

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