11 May 2023
National Workshop – Sustainable Urban Cooling Tackling Extreme Heat In Vietnam Cities

Date: Wednesday, 17 May 2023                             Time: 08:00 – 12:00 (ICT)                             Event Language: English

Format: In-person event

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Organized by: Department of Climate Change of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Vietnam , UNEP, Cool Coalition, UNEPCCC, GGGI, Clean Cooling Collaborative, VN-LOCAD


Viet Nam’s rapid urbanization and accompanying fast-paced real estate sector is driving growth in cooling demand and associated emissions. At the same time, heat is now a critical public health issue for many of Viet Nam’s cities and this will worsen with rising temperatures due to climate change. Enhancing national policies is crucial but citizens turning to cooling to ‘beat the heat’ need stronger action from city governments who are critical to reducing heat island, protecting the most vulnerable to heat and accelerating sustainable cooling solutions.

Recently, Viet Nam has updated its NDC and prepared its National Strategy on Climate Change (NSCC) 2050 which has prioritized cooling as one of the key strategies to achieve Net-zero under the NSCC and integrated cooling into updated NDCs.

Department of Climate Change in partnership with UN Environment Programme & GGGI, under the framework of Cool Coalition implementing a project “Sustainable Urban Cooling in Vietnam’s cities” to support national government & three pilot cities on three intervention areas: (i) Local policy enhancement by adopting Urban Cooling Action Plans (UCAPs), that integrate action on cooling and extreme heat into a range of municipal plans and masterplans; (ii) Pre-feasibility and Design of Cooling Fund; and (iii) Capacity building and awareness raising to replicate sustainable cooling model at urban level through supporting implementation of Government Decree on emission reduction greenhouse gases and protect the ozone layer.

In addition, UNEP is also working closely with Viet Nam to support governments in the implementation of the NDC under the Paris Agreement. Aligning with partner countries’ own NDC priorities, the NDC Action Project will secure a multi-stakeholder and high-level engagement; provide the technical support to strengthen the capacity of institutions responsible for NDC implementation; and support the development of a portfolio of sectoral policies and programmes for the priority sectors selected in each country.

Viet Nam is among the partner countries where the NDC Action Project provides technical assistance on NDC implementation. Low Carbon Development Center (VN-LOCAD)  and Climate Change Research Center (CCRC) are  National Technical Institutions to deliver the activities for the Project’s focused areas, including Sustainable Urban Cooling and Coastal Zone Adaptation, in Viet Nam.



  • Bring together relevant stakeholders at national and province/city level in Vietnam with aim to improve coordination and sensitization on the ongoing urban cooling efforts:
  • Consensus on priority approaches to promote sustainable cooling in cities. Identifying city level programmatic strategies to develop urban cooling interventions.
  • Identifying strategies to develop financial options to accelerate uptake of investment on climate change response including sustainable urban cooling.


Please find the link for virtually joining if you cannot join in-person Workshop below.


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