23 November 2023
Side Event – Decarbonizing industry: A three-step approach to the world’s largest untapped energy source

Date: 6 December 2023                                  Time: 17:45 – 18:45 (GMT: +04:00)                                 Event Language: English

Format: In-person                                            Location: Montreal Protocol Pavilion, Dubai, United Arab Emirates           

Organized by: Danfoss Climate Solutions, United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP-led Cool Coalition


Description & Objectives:


Numerous countries around the globe have committed to carbon neutrality within the next decades. A sizable piece of this puzzle will involve solving for the cooling challenge. Recent research reveals that the cooling sector can reach a near-zero scenario by 2050 but will require all hands on deck: Governments, industry, consumers, and civil society. The UAE Global Cooling Pledge, announced on 5 December 2023, seeks to steer leadership in this direction and mainstream the need for sustainable cooling. At this high-level session, we aim to discuss industry support to the Global Cooling Pledge, and what that looks like in action – what are the challenges, and ways forward, to ensure that the commitments made do lead us to a world that has transitioned – and enabled access – to a sustainable cooling ecosystem. We will provide hands-on examples of technologies, opportunities for industry and barriers that still need to be addressed.

We Will: Efficient, Climate-Friendly Cooling for All
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