20 September 2021
Sustainable Cold Chains and the Rome Declaration: Delivering Efficient Ozone and Climate-Friendly Cold Chains to Ensure Nutritious and Healthy Food for All

Delivering food from farm to consumer safely requires a suitable temperature-controlled environment. Various stages that a refrigerated food product passes through to its destination is referred to as the cold chain.

Energy efficient, ozone and climate-friendly cold chains help ensure nutritious and healthy food for all. How do we realize the critical potential of cold chains in providing food safety and security, reducing food loss and waste, mitigating climate change and preventing the depletion of the ozone layer?

The event highlighted the role of sustainable cold chains in the implementation of several Sustainable Development Goals related to, inter alia, ending hunger and poverty, food security, improved nutrition, climate action, sustainable agriculture and fisheries, health and well-being. It demonstrated how the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, universally ratified multilateral environmental agreement, its Kigali Amendment and the Rome Declaration on the “Contribution of the Montreal Protocol to a Food Loss Reduction through Sustainable Cold Chain Development” can contribute to scaling up of technological and policy solutions for sustainable cold chains.

We Will: Efficient, Climate-Friendly Cooling for All
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