30 September 2020
Technical Expert Meetings on Mitigation 2020: Cool Buildings For All

Cooling demand is on the rise, especially in hot regions in developing countries. If we do not prepare for this predictable crisis, which will hit the most vulnerable people hardest, we will face unprecedented impacts on people’s health and the economy’s productivity. To meet this emerging challenge, an approach combining avoid-shift-improve is most effective: Avoiding cooling needs through effective building design such as cool and green roofs, and effective insulation, adapted urban design, considering solutions from vernacular architecture, to building materials; shift through shifting power sources to district cooling; and improve through more efficient appliances.

Led and organized by the UNFCCC secretariat and the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction in collaboration with the Cool Coalition, this session will also look at preparedness for heatwaves and health impacts and will address the following points:

– Reviewing trends: How have cooling trends developed and what is the status quo?

– Reviewing solutions: Which solutions have worked in which context (avoid-shift-improve, for example, passive buildings design, change in urban form to reduce cooling need, incentives for retrofits, and district energy)? Which innovations are awaiting uptake? What are the game changers?

– Reviewing barriers: How have barriers been overcome?

– Going to scale: How can we bring solutions to scale? Which players need to be on board that are not yet involved?

We Will: Efficient, Climate-Friendly Cooling for All
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