19 July 2023
14th Clean Energy Ministerial and 8th Mission Innovation meeting (CEM14/MI-8) Side Event – Collaboration for Advancing Global Action on Sustainable Cooling

Date: Wednesday, 19 July 2023                                  Time: 13:15-15:45 (IST)                         Event Language: English

Format: In-person                                                          Location: Goa, India

Organized by: CEM14/MI-8, UNEP-Cool Coalition, BEE | Bureau of Energy Efficiency, NRDC India



The UAE COP28, this year, highlighted sustainable cooling as a priority topic of discussion while encouraging global action. The COP and global events as a lead up to COP28, present a unique opportunity to reflect on the needs of heat-stressed countries; for climate friendly and sustainable cooling and to strengthen and scale response and preparedness to extreme heat. It is an opportunity to take collaborative steps forward, for developing sustainable solutions through discussion with the aim to fast-track and scale implementation for building resilience to extreme heat. Along with this, it will help promote efficient and climate-friendly cooling solutions, aligned with India’s Lifestyle for Environment Initiative (LiFE). COP28 is an opportunity to refocus on the cooling needs of heat stressed, high impact, developing countries such as India.

It is also an opportunity to demonstrate leadership and encourage collective action on climatefriendly cooling solutions. This side-event hosted by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in partnership with Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC India), UNEP led Cool Coalition will bring together representatives from countries to discuss the following:

  1. Barriers and solutions to scale preparedness plans & response strategies to heat
  2. Solutions for efficient and climate friendly cooling in heat stressed & developing countries
  3. Options for collaborating and identifying specific action points in the short and long term in the global agenda that will highlight cooling and heat resilience
  4. Develop a joint global agenda for climate-friendly cooling aligned with the LiFE initiative



The side event will help identify a clear global ask on cooling from heat-stressed countries with a potential collaboration on cooling. The side event can serve to bring these countries together to brainstorm on what is needed to implement solutions at scale in developing countries such as India.

The discussion will help identify policy, technology, finance, research & development, and capacity building solutions needed to build resilience and ensure access to sustainable cooling. Along with this, it will help set an international agenda in support of India and other heatstressed countries on heat and cooling. The outcomes of the side event will be shared as inputs to the high-level ministerial roundtable scheduled for 21st July 2023 at CEM.


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