Deep freezers are a popular refrigeration equipment for freezing and preserving content at a temperature equal to or below – 18°C, using a liquid refrigerant to absorb and displace heat. These products are widely used for residential, commercial, pharmaceutical, and other cold storage purposes. Paradoxically, deep freezers use a significant amount of energy that results in harmful carbon emissions. Informed energy efficiency policy can help energy security and benefit the environment. Using both surveys and in-person interviews of manufacturers and their associations, this report examines the Indian deep freezer market in order to understand product segmentation and projected growth rates. The report additionally reviews international labeling policies adopted in the European Union, China, the United States, and other leading economies across the world to inform policy recommendations. Projections indicate that the chest freezer labeling policy would cumulatively avoid 6.2 TWH of electricity and 5 MtCO2 through 2030.

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