Decarbonising Singapore’s Energy System in the Context of Cooling

The Carbon Trust has worked on a report with WWF-Singapore to explore the role of clean cooling in decarbonizing Singapore’s energy system, looking at solutions and providing recommendations to […]

China’s Cooling Imperative


India Energy Outlook 2021

The India Energy Outlook 2021 is a new special report from the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook series. The report explores the opportunities and challenges […]

Phasing down HFCs in off- and weak-grid refrigeration: An opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

On 4 February 2021, Efficiency for Access published a new research note entitled ‘Phasing down HFCs in off- and weak-grid refrigeration: An opportunity to reduce greenhouse […]

Thermal Comfort for All: Sustainable and Smart Space Cooling

This report elaborates on the various cooling strategies organised under the lean-mean-green construct, discussing the current body of knowledge, potential challenges, and the wide-ranging benefits including […]

Projecting National Energy Saving Estimate from the Adoption of High Performance Windows Glazing in 2030

With most of India’s air-conditioner stock yet to come, now is the critical window of opportunity to build in interventions that will have a meaningful impact […]

Market Assessment of Light Commercial Air Conditioners in India

The room air conditioner market in India is divided into three major categories: window, split, and light commercial. Light commercial air conditioners (LCACs), which consist of […]

Standards and Labeling Policy for Deep Freezers in India

Deep freezers are a popular refrigeration equipment for freezing and preserving content at a temperature equal to or below – 18°C, using a liquid refrigerant to […]

Impact of Environmental Factors on Energy Efficiency of Room Air Conditioners in India

There is little information or data available in the public domain that explores how exposure to numerous environmental conditions impacts the efficiency of a RAC. This […]