Servitisation of the cooling industry: Cooling as a Service (CaaS)

This white paper aims to draw attention to the successful application of servitisation in the cooling industry and share on-the-ground insights from the Cooling as a […]

Cold Chain Energy Efficiency in India: Analysis of Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Pack-Houses

Recognizing the potential scale of cold chain infrastructure development in India and the need for a holistic approach on different development pathways, the BEE and the […]

EPEE’s five steps towards sustainable cooling

=As the climate is warming, the demand for cooling is expected to grow, triggered by global trends such as increasing urbanisation and digitalisation. With its #CountOnCooling […]

GCF in Brief: Support for Technology

Technology solutions and innovations are instrumental to facilitate the move towards low-emission and climate- resilient pathways. Climate technologies can cover sectors such as energy supply and […]

Projecting National Energy Saving Estimate from the Adoption of Adaptive Thermal Comfort Standards in 2030

With most of India’s air-conditioner stock yet to come, now is the critical window of opportunity to build in interventions that will have a meaningful impact […]

Demand Analysis for Cooling by Sector in India in 2027

First time in India, this is a comprehensive view of nationwide cooling energy needs from various sectors. It is an aggregation of the cooling demand and […]

Transforming the Energy Services Sector in India: Towards a Billion Dollar ESCO Market

The Energy Efficiency (EE) market in India has been a sleeping giant for more than two decades now. For a market potential that is estimated anywhere […]

PAT Pulse 2016: Tracking the Perform-Achieve-Trade Scheme for Energy Efficiency

The Perform Achieve and Trade (PAT) scheme is a market-based scheme designed to encourage energy efficiency in energy-intensive industrial subsectors.

Developing Model ESCO Performance Contracts (EPCs) for Industrial Projects

This is a study of the ESCO market scenario in India, which indicates recommendations that can help support the successful growth of ESCOs in the use […]