Catalysing technology innovation in the off-grid market through appropriate product

This paper presents an analysis of the performance of off-grid refrigerators based on data generated via laboratory and field testing processes. The paper includes an introduction […]

The Role of Trade Policy and Energy Efficiency Policy to Promote Highly Efficient Air Conditioner Markets

This report discusses how trade and energy efficiency policy can work together to reduce the dumping of inefficient products in developing and emerging economies and to […]

Cooling in a Warming World: Global Markets & Policy Trends

Cooling in a Warming World: Global Markets & Policy Trends, CLASP’s first ever e-magazine, presents an in-depth look at the state of air conditioning markets, policies, […]

Learning Paper: The Challenges of Testing Off-Grid Refrigerators

This paper summarises some of the challenges faced during the field testing phase of the Global LEAP Off-Grid Refrigerator Competition, and how the team worked around […]

Chilling Prospects: Tracking Sustainable Cooling for All

Chilling Prospects: Tracking Sustainable Cooling for All 2019 is the second report in the Chilling Prospects series and serves as a follow-up to the inaugural report’s […]

SAP Technical Guidelines: Cities and Climate Change

Traditionally, cities are defined as large human settlements, with no one standardized definition applied internationally. Frequently, national governments have criteria they use to define urban areas. […]

Manual Financing Mechanisms

Energy efficiency is a highly effective and economic way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Global investment in energy efficiency is critical. This manual provides an overview […]

Webinar On U4E Model Regulations For ACs And Refrigerators

This webinar explains how an organization can use the Model Regulation Guidelines to help accelerate the switch to more energy-efficient and climate friendly cooling. The rationale, […]

Solar Energy: Mapping the Road Ahead

This guide for policy makers addresses all solar technologies – solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity, concentrating solar power (CSP, or solar thermal electricity [STE]), and solar heating […]