Understanding the cold-chain challenge for Covid-19 vaccination

This report was produced and is being shared publicly due to the increased prominence to the issue of vaccine cold-chains in the context of the COVID-19 […]

The Power of Efficient Cooling

According to a new report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), implementing more efficient cooling solutions could save $3.5 trillion in power generation costs over the […]

Science Magazine Special Edition: Keeping Cool In a Warming World

The planet is warming from greenhouse gas emissions, with increases in both peak and average temperatures. Consequently, the demand for cooling will intensify, driven by climate […]

Cooling for All: The role of cold chain in delivering a COVID-19 vaccine

Cold chains are likely to play a significant role in the delivery of a COVID-19 vaccine. To reach herd immunity (defined as the indirect protection of […]

Mobile Cooling : Assessment of Challenges and Options

This paper provides background on the issue of cooling in land transportation applications including road, rail and refrigerated container shipping. The paper analyzes the impacts of […]

Cooling for sustainable development

The unprecedented rise in cooling demand globally is a critical blind spot in sustainability debates. We examine cooling as a system comprised of active and passive […]

Fair Cooling Now: A snapshot report for funders, investors, campaigners and policymakers

This report is a snapshot of fair cooling innovation serving some of those one billion – projects providing cooling through better buildings, urban greening and emergency […]

Enhancing voluntary cooperation on cooling in the G20

The brief calls for enhanced cooperation on cooling at the G20 level, in order to broaden membership, increase resourcing and commitment, and to better coordinate and […]

Compendium to the Primer for Space Cooling

This is a compendium to the Primer for Space Cooling. For those interested in learning more about the interventions that could accelerate the pace of sustainable […]