PxFOR HOT CITIES: Climate Resilience Through Urban Greening and Cooling in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Urban Cooling Collaborative (LAUCC) is a multi-disciplinary, national partnership of researchers and expert practitioners working with communities and government toward the goal of […]

2020 Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction

The Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction is a reference document of the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC). This year’s Buildings-GSR shines a […]

Renewable Energy Policies in a Time of Transition: Heating and Cooling

The report provides an overview of the role of renewables in heating and cooling with context on the different technological options and applications. It showcases supporting […]

Understanding the cold-chain challenge for Covid-19 vaccination

This report was produced and is being shared publicly due to the increased prominence to the issue of vaccine cold-chains in the context of the COVID-19 […]

The Power of Efficient Cooling

According to a new report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), implementing more efficient cooling solutions could save $3.5 trillion in power generation costs over the […]

Mobile Cooling : Assessment of Challenges and Options

This paper provides background on the issue of cooling in land transportation applications including road, rail and refrigerated container shipping. The paper analyzes the impacts of […]

Thermal Comfort for All: Sustainable and Smart Space Cooling

This report elaborates on the various cooling strategies organised under the lean-mean-green construct, discussing the current body of knowledge, potential challenges, and the wide-ranging benefits including […]

Projecting National Energy Saving Estimate from the Adoption of High Performance Windows Glazing in 2030

With most of India’s air-conditioner stock yet to come, now is the critical window of opportunity to build in interventions that will have a meaningful impact […]

Market Assessment of Light Commercial Air Conditioners in India

The room air conditioner market in India is divided into three major categories: window, split, and light commercial. Light commercial air conditioners (LCACs), which consist of […]