Scoping Study of African Air Conditioner Markets

With support from the Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development (IGSD), CLASP conducted the Africa Air Conditioner Market Scoping Studyto address the information gap with respect […]

Off- & Weak-Grid Refrigeration: Global Market Development

On 28-29 May 2018, the Efficiency for Access Coalition hosted a “Global Market Development Roundtable” in Amsterdam to discuss opportunities to advance markets for off- and […]

Market Baseline Performance Testing for Off-Grid & Weak-Grid Refrigerators

Off- and weak-grid consumers are price sensitive and energy constrained, and striking a balance between efficiency and price is a chief business consideration for market actors. […]

Projecting National Energy Saving Estimate from the Adoption of Adaptive Thermal Comfort Standards in 2030

With most of India’s air-conditioner stock yet to come, now is the critical window of opportunity to build in interventions that will have a meaningful impact […]

Demand Analysis for Cooling by Sector in India in 2027

First time in India, this is a comprehensive view of nationwide cooling energy needs from various sectors. It is an aggregation of the cooling demand and […]

Mainstreaming thermal comfort for all and resource efficiency in affordable housing

The significant amount of upcoming affordable housing construction in India will generate high carbon footprint, posing adverse environmental impacts. While, current affordable housing units have low […]

The Future of Cooling: Opportunities for energy-efficient air conditioning

This special IEA report aims to raise awareness globally about one of the most critical energy issues of our time, outlining a sustainable path to the […]

Chilling Prospects: Providing Sustainable Cooling for All

The report illustrates the social and economic risks of ignoring the challenge and the enormous economic and business opportunities of a concerted effort to provide sustainable […]

Cooling Initiatives Carried out in India by the Sustainable and Smart Space Cooling Coalition Members

AEEE is mapping the impact of adaptive thermal comfort standards on air conditioning usage patterns. Psychometric field tests of RACs were conducted to study their energy […]