Science Magazine Special Edition: Keeping Cool In a Warming World

The planet is warming from greenhouse gas emissions, with increases in both peak and average temperatures. Consequently, the demand for cooling will intensify, driven by climate […]

Cooling for All: The role of cold chain in delivering a COVID-19 vaccine

Cold chains are likely to play a significant role in the delivery of a COVID-19 vaccine. To reach herd immunity (defined as the indirect protection of […]

Mobile Cooling : Assessment of Challenges and Options

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EPEE Ecodesign Lessons Learned

EPEE, representing the refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump industry in Europe, supports the principle of setting Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and Energy Labels, regulated […]

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Cooling for sustainable development

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Projecting National Energy Saving Estimate from the Adoption of High Performance Windows Glazing in 2030

With most of India’s air-conditioner stock yet to come, now is the critical window of opportunity to build in interventions that will have a meaningful impact […]

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