Cooling in a warming world – Opportunities for delivering efficient and climate friendly cooling for all

In a warming world cooling will be increasingly important for people’s health and productivity, and for achievement of many of the Sustainable Development Goals

Press realease climate action summit

In support of climate action Cool Coalition partners announce huge push on efficient, climate-friendly cooling

“Cool Coalition” comes together to save lives, energy and trillions for the global economy

Emissions from cooling sector set to grow 90% by 2050 without action Cool Coalition is dedicated to inspiring ambition, mobilizing action, and accelerating progress toward UN 2019 Climate Change Summit Action on clean and efficient cooling can avoid emissions, support Kigali Amendment and save up to USD 2.9 trillion globally between now and 2050

Indian architect turns to bees and terracotta to design innovative cooling system

Monish Siripurapu’s air cooling system may be based on the design of a beehive but the Indian innovator’s inspiration did not come while he was striding through fields of flowers.

Rwanda’s ambitious plan for clean and efficient cooling

The Government of Rwanda has released a landmark plan for sustainably cooling foods and life-saving medicines, and keeping homes and other indoor spaces comfortable in hot weather.

What you should know about sustainable cooling

Conventional cooling devices—such as refrigerators, room air conditioners, industrial scale chillers and other devices—account for as much as 10 per cent of all global greenhouse gas emissions, which is more than twice the emissions generated from aviation and maritime combined.

Accelerating the switch to climate-friendly cooling systems in Southeast Asia

The inaugural Asean Cooling Summit convened today for the first time a diverse group of leaders from business, government, civic society and academia to discuss solutions for sustainable cooling in Southeast Asia.

Indonesian steel manufacturer, Nestlé push on cooling efficiency

Indonesian steel manufacturer Ispat Indo and Nestlé Indonesia have pledged to do everything in their power to cut global warming through improving the efficiency of their cooling equipment, following recognition at the Sustainable Business Awards Indonesia.

Medellín shows how nature-based solutions can keep people and planet cool

This summer, as temperatures have soared across Europe, India, Egypt and many other places, the first reaction of those with access to cooling has often been to crank up the air conditioning.