The State of the Global Off-Grid Appliance Market

This report contains the first-ever snapshot of the global off-grid appliance market, and includes information on key market trends in three of the most important and […]

Renewable Energy in Cities

Cities around the planet are charting their unique paths to sustainability, deploying a wide spectrum of renewable energy technologies for power, heating, cooling, cooking, and transport. […]

Solar Heating and Cooling for Residential Applications: Technology Brief


CLASP Economy Finder

Index of appliance energy efficiency information by country.

Policy Analysis Modeling System

Policy Analysis Modeling System (PAMS) provides robust techno-economic analysis to support energy efficiency standards and labeling programs. PAMS is an Excel workbook designed to give first-order […]

Developing Model ESCO Performance Contracts (EPCs) for Industrial Projects

This is a study of the ESCO market scenario in India, which indicates recommendations that can help support the successful growth of ESCOs in the use […]