On thin ice: the political economy of cooling in a warming world


How countries can enhance Nationally Determined Contributions in 2021 with climate-friendly cooling

In this new brief, K-CEP, along with the Cool Coalition, CEA Consulting, and E3G, hopes to increase the understanding of how climate-friendly cooling can enhance NDCs, […]

Boosting Climate Ambition: Enhancing NDCs with climate-friendly cooling


A Growing Summertime Risk for Cities: Power Failures During Heat Waves


Briefing: One step forward, two steps back – A deep dive into the climate impact of modern fluorinated refrigerants

This briefing by ECOS shows that there are more climate impacts associated with F-gases than the ones usually considered. Commonly used fluorinated refrigerants contribute to global […]

One step forward, two steps back: A deep dive into the climate impact of modern fluorinated refrigerants


Cool Coalition: Delivering on Climate, Energy and Food on the Pathway to COP26


Chilling Prospects: Tracking Sustainable Cooling for All 2021

This is the fourth edition of the ground-breaking Chilling Prospects series, which tracks immediate vulnerability due to a lack of access to cooling. The work identifies […]

Fifty million more people face heat-related risks as COVID-19 increases global cooling access challenges for the first time