Mainstreaming thermal comfort for all and resource efficiency in affordable housing

The significant amount of upcoming affordable housing construction in India will generate high carbon footprint, posing adverse environmental impacts. While, current affordable housing units have low […]

Cooling Solutions for Urban Environments

Reducing or preventing the urban heat island effect as well as reducing the need for active cooling solutions such as air conditioning to cool buildings and […]

Chilling Prospects: Providing Sustainable Cooling for All

The report illustrates the social and economic risks of ignoring the challenge and the enormous economic and business opportunities of a concerted effort to provide sustainable […]

The Future of Cooling: Opportunities for energy-efficient air conditioning

This special IEA report aims to raise awareness globally about one of the most critical energy issues of our time, outlining a sustainable path to the […]

Cooling Initiatives Carried out in India by the Sustainable and Smart Space Cooling Coalition Members

AEEE is mapping the impact of adaptive thermal comfort standards on air conditioning usage patterns. Psychometric field tests of RACs were conducted to study their energy […]

Energy Efficiency Policy Database

Search appliance and equipment energy efficiency policies around the world.

Thermal Comfort for All: Sustainable and Smart Space Cooling

This report elaborates on the various cooling strategies organised under the lean-mean-green construct, discussing the current body of knowledge, potential challenges, and the wide-ranging benefits including […]

Accelerating The Global Adoption Of Energy-Efficient And Climate-Friendly Refrigerators

The Refrigerators Policy Brief provides an overview of the Policy Guide that guides policymakers on how to promote energy-efficient transformers in their respective national markets. The […]

District Energy Systems in China

This report analyses the ways to decarbonise, optimise and diversify district energy systems in the Chinese context.